7003-1 Профессиональный цифровой микроскоп

ПечатьАдрес электронной почты
Позволяет делать фотографии высокого качества.
Увеличение оптическое от 10Х до 50Х, количественное 200Х
Цена на продажу: 40761,90 ГРН.
Производитель: BERGEON


Digital Microscope
Studied and designed for a professional
use, this digital very
compact microscope allows the
users all high standard shootings
(pictures and videos) even in real
time. Zoom feature up to 200 x.
Measurements: lines, angles,
diameters and radius as well,
Practical Uses
– Quality control in industrial field
– After-Sales Services
– Technical teleconferences
– Research and science
System Requirements
– Windows Vista, XP, 2000, Mac
– CD-ROM drive
– Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
or faster (Dualcore)
– RAM : at least 256 MB
– Disk : at least 150 MB of
disk space
– VGA Card : 16-bit or above
– USB : 1 available port (USB 2.0
recommended, cable length
approx. 180 cm).